Newplast 3kg Tubs


These 3kg Tubs of our premium quality non-drying, re-usable modelling material are aimed mainly for educational use. They offer the convenience of having enough material for many users in one resealable pack that helps keep the Newplast clean and in good condition when not in use. The Newplast is still easy to work with in this format, even for small children.

Newplast 3kg Tubs are available wholesale only.

Newplast 3kg 4-Colour Tub

Contains Red, Green, Blue and Yellow pieces of Newplast – ideal for learning about colour mixing whist having fun in the classroom.

Newplast 3kg 6-Colour Tub

Similar to the 4-colour tub, but with Brown and White added to Red, Green, Blue and Yellow pieces of Newplast, offering even more opportunities for experimenting with mixing of colours.

Newplast 3kg Multicultural Tub

Contains all of the the colours required for you to create skin tones for all ethnic groups around the world. The box contains:-
Newplast 500g White (4 pieces)
Newplast 500g Stone (1 piece)
Newplast 500g Grey (1 piece)
Newplast 500g Yellow (1 piece)
Newplast 500g Peach (5 pieces)
Newplast 500g Brown (4 pieces)
Newplast 500g Black (3 pieces)
Newplast 500g Terracotta (2 pieces)

Different packs, pack sizes and/or colours can be manufactured (subject to minimum order requirements) to meet customers’ own specifications.