NovaClay 2.5kg Tubs (Fibre-Free)


NovaClay 2.5kg Tubs are aimed cost-conscious schools wanting to provide their students with a low-cost but still high quality modelling clay for their work. Supplied in a convenient, re-sealable tub to keep the clay fresh whilst not in use.  The fibre-free version of NovaClay does not have the same strength and reduced brittleness once air-dried as fibre-reinforced NovaClay, but is preferred by many model makers for its natural look and feel.

NovaClay 2.5kg Tubs (Fibre-Free) are supplied as standard in two colours: Stone (off-white) and Terracotta, as shown below. Different colours can be manufactured (subject to minimum order requirements) to meet customers’ own specifications.

NovaClay 2.5kg Stone (Fibre-Free)
NovaClay Stone air-dries to an off-white colour, making it ideally suited for painting, varnishing and/or finishing with Newclay Gloss or Newclay Satin.

NovaClay 2.5kg Terracotta (Fibre-Free)
NovaClay Terracotta air-dries to a rich red-orange colour, making it ideally suited for any project requiring a terracotta finish. It can be varnished and/or finished with Newclay Gloss or Newclay Satin.