Hardeners for Newclay


Newclay Hardeners have been specially formulated for optimum performance when used with our premium-quality air-drying modelling clay products: Newclay and Claydium. Newclay Hardeners will also work effectively with NovaClay, our recently introduced budget air-drying modelling clay. Both types of Hardener are supplied as a ready-mixed powder.

Please note: Newclay Hardeners are not suitable for use with non-setting modelling materials such as Newplast or with polymer clays such as Uro.

Hardener H1

Hardener H1 is dissolved in hot water and the solution applied onto Newclay, Claydium or NovaClay models once they are dry. This gives the articles a surface or “case” hardness.   Additional coats can be applied, if desired, depending on the importance of the work and the degree of hardness required.

Hardener H1 113g

Hardener H1 454g

Please refer to the Hardener H1 Instructions sheet for more information.

Hardener H2

Hardener H2 is mixed directly with Newclay, Claydium or NovaClay by kneading to provide all-through additional hardness and strength to the finished article.   Between 1% and 5% of Hardener H2 can be used, depending on the importance of the work. Once mixed, the hardening process cannot be stopped.

Hardener H2 226g

Hardener H2 454g

Please refer to the Hardener H2 Instructions sheet for more information.