Air Dough


Image © and courtesy Dr Lizzie Burns

Air Dough is an extremely lightweight and versatile, air-drying modelling material. Once dry, the final model is guaranteed to retain a great deal of pliability and is strong and very light, making it particularly suitable for applications where normal clays yield articles that are too heavy or brittle. Sharp knives, modelling tools and even pastry cutters can be used in conjunction with Air Dough to enhance results. For larger models, build a frame with Newclay’s Modelling Wire to provide support to your creations.

Products available:
Air Dough 200g Pot: White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Orange, Brown, Black
New Air Dough 907g Tub: White; Assorted (White, Red, Yellow, Blue)
New Air Dough 1kg Tub: White; Assorted (White, Red, Yellow, Blue)
Air Dough 1.25kg Tub: White; Assorted (White, Red, Yellow, Blue)

Larger quantities can be supplied in more economical ‘bulk’ 1kg and 2kg bags. Please note, these bags are not suitable for long-term storage of Air Dough.

Different packs, pack sizes and/or colours can be manufactured (subject to minimum order requirements) to meet customers’ own specifications.