Uro ItemsUro is the only polymer clay made in the UK.  It is a high-quality polymer clay modelling material that heat-cures and hardens to a permanent and waterproof finish by placing a completed item in a domestic oven and heating to around 130°C for 20 to 30 minutes.  Uro can be used to make models, jewellery, fridge magnets, and numerous other interesting items.  Buttons made from Uro are tough enough to be machine-washable.

Uro is available in generous 65g blocks in 24 different colours (white, magnolia, flesh pink, bright yellow, golden yellow, orange, bright orange, red, carmine, cerise, pink, bright pink, blue, light blue, turquoise, forest green, green, bright green, purple, violet, dark brown, light brown, black, grey) and three metallic-effect versions (gold, silver and bronze).


Uro MetallicsUro can also be supplied in 300g unwrapped strips that are excellent value for polymer clay artists, jewellery makers, etc.

Click to download the Uro Information Leaflet (PDF).