Hardeners for Newclay and Claydium

For best results use only with Newclay and Claydium – Newclay Hardeners have been specially formulated for optimum performance when used with these high-quality modelling clays.  Both types of Hardener are supplied as a ready-mixed powder.

Please note: Newclay Hardeners are not suitable for use with non-setting modelling materials such as Newplast or with polymer clays such as Uro.


Hardener H1

Hardener H1 is dissolved in hot water and the solution applied onto a Newclay or Claydium models once they are dry to give the articles a surface or “case” hardness.   Additional coats can be applied, if desired, depending on the importance of the work.

Products available:
Newclay Hardener H1 113g
Newclay Hardener H1 454g


Hardener H2

Hardener H2 is mixed directly with Newclay or Claydium by kneading to provide all-through additional hardness and strength to the finished article.   Between 1% and 5% of Hardener H2 can be used, depending on the importance of the work.

Products available:
Newclay Hardener H2 225g
Newclay Hardener H2 454g


Gloss and Satin

Newclay Gloss and Newclay Satin provide the final transparent gloss or sheen finish, respectively, to your Newclay or Claydium article. They can be applied over, or mixed with, any water-bound or powder colour, and will also act as an adhesive for dry Newclay or Claydium pieces.

Products available:
Newclay Gloss 113g pot
Newclay Gloss 620g bottle
Newclay Satin 113g pot
Newclay Satin 620g bottle


Modelling WireNewclay Giraffe

Newclay Modelling Wire is a galvanised steel wire of 18-gauge diameter. Each piece is approximately 300mm long in a zigzag form allowing it to be held firmly when used as an armature with either Newclay or Claydium, as well as with other modelling materials such as Newplast. Newclay Modelling Wire can also be used as a decorative medium.

Products available:
Newclay Modelling Wire (pack of 20)
Newclay Modelling Wire (pack of 40)


Newclay CrocodileModelling Tool

A plastic modelling tool designed for ease of use, available in two shapes and two colours


Accessory Pack

The Newclay Accessory Pack is the perfect partner for Newclay and Claydium model-making.  It is a highly cost-effective way of combining H1 Hardener, Newclay Gloss and a Modelling Tool – everything needed to get the best out of Newclay and Claydium.

Please note that the illustrated modelling tool is indicative only; exact colours and shapes may vary.


Different packs and/or pack sizes of these products can be manufactured (subject to minimum order requirements) to meet customers’ own specifications.