Finger & Glitter Paints


Finger PaintFinger Paint & Child

Newclay Finger Paint is a thick, water-based, washable paint, specially formulated for application using the fingers.

Products available:
Finger Paint 100ml pots: red, yellow, green and blue.

Glitter Paint / Gel

Newclay Glitter Paint is a bright, water-based, washable, high quality glitter paint contained in a clear adhesive gel base. It is designed for easy application to card, paper, plastics, etc., by brush or by finger. Unlike most similar products, Newclay Glitter Paint does not settle on storage.

Products available:
Glitter Paint/Gel 100ml pots: gold, sliver, red, green, blue, purple and pearlescent.


Different packs, pack sizes and/or colours can be manufactured (subject to minimum order requirements) to meet customers’ own specifications.