01 October 2021. Operational Update

We are still operational but we are being affected by ongoing severe disruption to our supply chain. Shortages of raw materials and extreme price volatility on top of the shortage of HGV drivers and suitable labour mean we can no longer make any guarantees of order lead-times and our prices are subject to change with no notice. Our average lead-time for large, multi-product orders is currently 15 weeks. If you can, please help us to help you by giving as much notice as possible for your order delivery dates when placing orders.

14 May 2021. Operational Update

We remain open, but ongoing workplace restrictions (hand washing, sanitising, social distancing, etc.) are slowing us down. We are working hard, with extra staff when we can, to stabilise and then reduce order lead-times, which are currently eight to ten weeks. If you can, please help us to help you by giving as much notice as possible for your order delivery dates when placing orders.

15 January 2021. We Are [Still] Open

We re-started accepting new orders from 4th January 2021. Lead-time for orders from existing customers is eight weeks but this is likely to become ten weeks as capacity constraints (e.g. hand washing, sanitising, social distancing, etc.) and possible staffing problems associated with self-isolation regulations are stretching our operations to the limit at a time of high demand for our products. Orders from new customers are being assessed on a case-by-case basis and suitable small orders will continue to be referred to the numerous online retailers able to fulfil them more efficiently than we can at this time. If you can, please help us to help you by giving as much notice as possible for your order delivery dates when placing orders.

21 December 2020. New Orders Accepted from 4th January 2021

We have worked very hard over the last six weeks to reduce the backlog of orders that has built up due to circumstances outside of our control. As a result, we are delighted to announce that we will re-start accepting some new orders from 4th January 2021, initially on an 8-week lead-time and only from existing customers. Orders from new customers will be assessed on a case-by-case basis to ensure we are able to fulfil them without further extending lead-times for long-standing customers. Similarly, we will continue to refer some small-order customers to the numerous online retailers able to fulfil them more efficiently than we can at the present difficult time.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by our decision to suspend accepting of orders.

05 November 2020. We Are Open

In line with the latest version, issued today, of the Government guidelines on Working Safely During COVID-19 in Factories, Plants and Warehouses, we are delighted to be able to remain open throughout the current lockdown. It would be appreciated if customers with orders placed before 2nd November (see below) could let us know whether they are still required as per agreed lead-times as we intend to concentrate on those that have supported us during these difficult times.

02 November 2020. No New Orders Accepted

On-going staffing issues and increasing Government requirements to make our workplace “Covid-Secure” are badly damaging our productivity rate and extending order lead-times to unacceptable lengths. With our employees now being forced to self-isolate at the first sign of feeling unwell this situation will only get worse in the next few months. With deep regret, the Directors of Newclay Products Limited have taken the difficult decision to stop accepting new orders from customers until January 2021 at the earliest. We apologise for any inconvenience. This decision has not been taken lightly but we have done so to protect the longer-term interests of the business, our employees, customers and suppliers at a time of unprecedented uncertainty and interference in our lives and businesses.

05 June 2020. Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Our policies and procedures relating to reducing the risks of Covid-19 have been updated in light of revised guidelines issued by the UK Government. Click here for more information.

14 March 2020. Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Click here for information on Coronavirus.

08 February 2020. Newclay Modelling Wire is Back!

Due to technical problems, Newclay Modeling Wire had to be withdrawn from sale late last year. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. We know many users of Newclay Modelling Wire like the ease of use, reliability and strength of its crinkled format.

After a long search for suitable parts, the machine has now been repaired and production of Newclay Modelling Wire has resumed. We have also sourced an improved, stronger smoother wire raw material, so not only is Newclay Modelling Wire back, it is BETTER THAN EVER.

02 October 2019.  Website Improvements.

Over the next few weeks and months we are working to improve our website to provide more images and information on our products.  Some pages may be unavailable briefly during this period.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

20 July 2019. Newsletter

Click here for our latest newsletter with information on several exciting new products and more.

06 July 2019. NovaClay – NEW

Our new modelling clay, NovaClay, has been developed specially for the educational market as a budget alternative to Newclay for cost-conscious schools. It is WHEAT and GLUTEN FREE. NovaClay is available in ‘stone’ and ‘terracotta’ versions, both fibred for added strength and fibre-free for those who prefer their modelling clay in a more natural form.

Current products are:-

  • NovaClay 12.5kg Bag Fibred: Stone, Terracotta
  • NovaClay 12.5kg Bag Fibre-Free: Stone, Terracotta
  • NovaClay 4.5kg Bag Fibred: Stone
  • NovaClay 2.5kg Tub Fibred: Stone, Terracotta
  • NovaClay 2.5kg Tub Fibre-Free: Stone, Terracotta.

Other products will be introduced in due course, as demand dictates.

Please note: NovaClay is not suitable for professional sculpting and other high-end applications. Newclay is still available and is the same high quality modelling clay that it always has been for over 50 years.

06 July 2019. All Products Wheat and Gluten Free

Our ever-popular Finger Soft Dough is now even better. It has been reformulated to improve its softness, texture, mouldability and extrusion properties and is also now WHEAT and GLUTEN FREE.

Watch this space for exciting news about additions to the Finger Soft Dough range.

We are giving the Claydium brand a new, more modern look with the introduction of a new pack design.  Claydium White 500g is the first to benefit from the makeover, with the Terracotta version to follow in due course.


24 October 2017.  Happy Birthday Newclay Products Ltd

Today, 24th October 2017.


04 September 2017.  Newclay Products Business as Usual

Newclay Products re-opened at 8.00am on Monday 4th September 2017 following their week’s shutdown.  We would like to thank our customers and suppliers for their patience and understanding, and to apologise for any inconvenience caused.


18 April 2017.  Newclay Products Fax Number

Would customers and suppliers please note that, from Monday 1st May 2017, Newclay Products will no longer be able to send or receive fax messages.  Please email correspondence to the relevant email addresses, or  Apologies for any inconvenience caused.  This is due to increasing costs and diminishing use of fax as a means of communication.


06 September 2016.  Production Update

With full capability to manufacture our regular product range, we continue to try to catch up on outstanding orders.  The Air Dough and Finger Soft Dough backlogs have been cleared.  After several years of stable staffing, three people left us in as many weeks for different and unrelated reasons.  This has resulted in us getting behind with Newclay and NovaClay production, so along with Newplast the backlog on these products is proving more difficult to clear.  Lead-time for most products is still around five weeks.


07 July 2016.  Production Capability Restored

We have now restored full capability to manufacture our regular product range with the commissioning of the second Newclay machine; this will allow us to continue catching up on orders over the next few weeks.  The Air Dough backlog has almost been cleared, for the time being at least, and we are also progressing with Finger Soft Dough.  Demand for Newplast has remained very high (normally a great problem to have) meaning the backlog on these products is proving more difficult to clear.  Lead-time for most products is around five weeks.


20 April 2016.  Newplast and Newclay Production Resumed

For the last few weeks, Newclay has been manufactured using one of the two machines.  Newplast production resumed on Monday (18th April) and will run flat-out to build stocks of all the colours for packing.  The mixer used for Air Dough is almost ready to be tested tomorrow (21st April).  These three products have built up the biggest backlogs during our move and will be our top priorities for production and packing for the next few weeks. We plan to process the oldest orders first.  Once again we would like to thank our customers for their patience!


25 March 2016. We Have Moved!

15 March 2016. Move Update

Our processing machinery and equipment is on the move.  We have now manufactured in our new premises for the first time – a small but significant milestone along the way.  We are working hard to try to prevent the move delaying customer orders but some delays are likely as we move the machinery we use the most over the next two weeks.


January 2016. Move Update

We have now begun moving our process machinery and equipment to our new premises (pictured left).  While we will try hard to keep disruption to a minimum, some is inevitable.  It would be appreciated, therefore, if customers could give us a longer lead time than normal whenever possible.  Thank you!


January 2016. Move Update

September 2015. We are on the move to new premises!

From 1st October 2015 we will begin moving the business to different premises.  These are a few hundred yards from our current location, still in the Heathfield Industrial Estate.  We aim to complete the move by Christmas, if possible.  Further announcements will be made in due course regarding any changes to contact details.


August 2015. Welcome to our New Website

We have given it a new look to make the content clearer and easier to find.  A new content management platform also makes future improvements easier to implement. We plan to introduce new content in due course to improve our products and services.


January 2015. Re-Energise Your New Year’s Resolutions with MohDoh



August 2014. Download our Free AppApp QR Code Newclay (Cropped)

Use your smartphone or tablet to scan the QR code.  Alternatively, visit using the web browser on your device and download it from there, or find the App on Google Play.  You will need a QR scanning app on your phone or tablet; there are several free QR code scanning apps available from Google Play or the Apple App Store.


July 2014

New Brochure Available

Brochure Image

Our new Brochure contains full details of our products and services. It is full of pictures of items made with our high quality products.

Please contact us for your copy today.

October 2013

Newclay Products Supports The Manila Life Chances Project

Newclay Products has donated hundreds of packs of Newplast modelling material to the Manila Life Chances Project. They are a group of volunteers dedicated to contributing resources towards improving the lives of children and young adults from some of Metro Manila’s most impoverished districts.  Visit the Manila Life Chances Project website for more information.

October 2013

Newclay Acquires the MohDoh Brand

The Newclay Products group has expanded its range of products into new markets through acquisition of the MohDoh brand: “mouldable aromatherapy”, multi-award-winning products harnessing the benefits of aromatherapy, colour therapy and play therapy to create an extremely effective yet fun and safe way of helping both adults and children. There are currently nine products in the MohDoh range, six of which are also available in children’s versions.  Please contact us or visit the MohDoh website for more information.

June 2013

Newclay 4.5kg Terracotta Tub

Newclay 4.5Kg TC Tub (Low Res)To fill an obvious gap in our range, Newclay Products is launching another new member of the Newclay family of products. The Newclay 4.5Kg Terracotta Tub is available now for wholesale purchase.

Please contact us for more information and to place wholesale orders.