NovaClay – NEW

NovaClay – NEW


Our new modelling clay, NovaClay, has been developed specially for the educational market as a budget alternative to Newclay for cost-conscious schools. It is wheat and gluten free and is soft and easy to use. NovaClay is available in ‘stone’ and ‘terracotta’ versions, both fibred for added strength and fibre-free for those who prefer their modelling clay in a more natural form. 

Current products are:-

  • NovaClay 12.5kg Bag Fibred: Stone, Terracotta
  • NovaClay 12.5kg Bag Fibre-Free: Stone, Terracotta
  • NovaClay 4.5kg Bag Fibred: Stone
  • NovaClay 2.5kg Tub Fibred: Stone, Terracotta
  • NovaClay 2.5kg Tub Fibre-Free: Stone, Terracotta

Other products will be introduced in due course, as demand dictates.

Please note: NovaClay is not suitable for professional sculpting and other high-end applications. Newclay is still available and is the same high quality modelling clay that it always has been for over 50 years.