Newplast 500g Assorted Boxes


Our premium quality non-drying, re-usable modelling material is still available in the traditional layered 500g bar form familiar to many generations of children and adults around the world.  The layers are easily separated as are the four strands within each layer, making Newplast 500g bars easy to work with, even for small children or people with limited strength in their hands.

In addition to single colour boxes of Newplast 500g bars we also supply a range of assorted boxes. These mixed boxes of 20 x Newplast 500g bars are designed for animators and for educational use but are also suitable for a wide variety of other modelling and related activities.

Newplast 500g Standard Assorted Box

One 500g bar each of 20 different colours (excluding Rainbow, Multicultural and Bright). Box contents can be any of the 23 Newplast 500g colours, but it will always contain one bar each of White, Black, Yellow, Red and Blue.

Newplast 500g Multicultural Box

Contains all of the the colours required for you to create skin tones for all ethnic groups around the world. The box contains White (3 bars), Stone (1 bar), Grey (1 bar), Yellow (1 bar), Peach (3 bars), Brown (4 bars), Black (3 bars), Terracotta (2 bars), Flesh (2 bars).

Newplast 500g Customer Mix Box
you tell us what mixture of 20 Newplast 500g colours (excluding Rainbow, Multicultural and Bright) you require and we will do the rest!

Different colours can be manufactured (subject to minimum order requirements) to meet customers’ own specifications.