Air (Kidz)

A light, clean and soft modelling dough infused with carefully selected essential oils: Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lavender and Hyssop.  The light blue colour complements the essential oils and with the tactile dough gives a pleasant combination of colour therapy, play therapy and aromatherapy.  

Mould the tactile dough for up to ten minutes to vapourise and inhale the essential oils blend to enjoy the AirDoh Infusions experience.  Wash hands after use.

Each pot of AirDoh Infusions lasts for about 30 x 10 minutes uses.  At the end of its working life the dough can be air-dried to make a model with a strong, slightly pliable finish that can be painted or varnished.

AirDoh Infusions Air is non-toxic, EN71 compliant and uses only certified organic essential oils. 

Place the dough back in the pot after use, close the lid firmly and AirDoh Infusions Air will last for about 30 ten minute uses. Full Instructions for Use are available to download.