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Based on Air Dough, our hugely popular, clean, lightweight and versatile playing dough, AirDoh Infusions combine aromatherapy, play therapy and colour therapy in one convenient product. Simply mould the dough for a few minutes at a time to enjoy the AirDoh Infusions experience. To get the best out of AirDoh Infusions and to keep the dough fresh please carefully follow the Instructions for Use.

AirDoh Infusions can, like Air Dough itself, be used as an air-drying modelling material. Once dry, the final model is guaranteed to retain a great deal of pliability and is strong and very light, making it particularly suitable for applications where normal modelling materials produce articles that are too heavy or brittle. Sharp knives, modelling tools and even pastry cutters can be used in conjunction with AirDoh Infusions to enhance results. For larger models, build a frame with Newclay’s Modelling Wire to provide support to your creations. Please note: air-drying is not reversible. Air Dough can not be returned to it original state by adding water or by any other means.

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