Claydium is a fibre-reinforced air-drying modelling clay available in White and Terracotta, similar to Newclay but smoother to use and will result in a stronger and harder final dried material.

Claydium is non-sticky and has low shrinkage during drying. It is malleable,  it air-dries without the need for heating and it can be used with professional pottery tools. Claydium is suitable for use by children and adults, whether in schools, homes, industry and sculptors’ workshops.

As it is fibre reinforced, models made with Claydium will not go brittle. Nevertheless, Newclay Hardeners (H1 or H2) can be applied further to improve durability of the final article.  For best results, finished pieces can be decorated with a good quality ceramic or acrylic paint and finished with Newclay Gloss or Newclay Satin.

The following useful information about Newclay can also be applied to Claydium and is available to download in PDF format:
Newclay Instruction Leaflet
Newclay Notes
The Newclay Process

Claydium 500g White

Claydium 500g Terracotta

Different packs, pack sizes and/or colours can be manufactured (subject to minimum order requirements) to meet customers’ own specifications.