Finger Soft Dough 2.5kg Tubs


These large tubs of our popular playing dough are ideally suited for the busy classroom. 

The standard colours of Finger Soft Dough are yellow, red, blue and green dough pieces. Other colour options can be supplied, subject to minimum order requirements, including white, orange, brown, black and the fluorescent colours yellow, orange, pink, red, blue, green and purple. 

Finger Soft Dough 2.5kg Tubs (Single Colour)

For schools wanting larger quantities of playing dough, our 2.5kg tubs of single colour Finger Soft Dough are available in yellow, red, blue and green as standard.  These tubs are best suited to projects requiring different amounts of each colour, helping to reduce costs and unnecessary waste.

Finger Soft Dough 2.5kg Assorted Tub

For even more flexibility, Finger Soft Dough is available as a 2.5kg assorted tub, containing one piece each of yellow, red, blue and green dough as standard. These tubs are suitable for smaller projects, particularly if colours are being mixed.